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Are you a Lifetime Member or Fellow of the Society?

You are no longer required to pay annual dues.  However, we welcome donations to the Society at any  time.

For all other membership types, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

How do renewals work?

If you are set up for automatic billing, you won't have to do anything.  Automatic billing is the simplest way to make sure you never miss an issue and your account is always in good standing. The credit card that you provided will be charged on the date that your renewal is due and you'll receive a payment receipt for your records. You'll also see the payment noted in your profile.

If you do not have automatic billing set up, you'll receive a renewal notification by email prior to your renewal date along with an invoice to submit payment.  You'll also see notification of the unpaid invoice when viewing your profile.  To see this go to Membership/Members Only Area -- Log In/Update My Profile

When is my renewal due?

You can see your next renewal date on the main page of your member profile in the section titled "Membership Details".  To see this go to:  Membership/Members Only Area/Edit Profile

My credit card information has changed.  Where do I submit new information?

If you are set up for automatically recurring payments, you'll see a link next to the renewal information that says "Update Credit Card".  To see this go to:  Membership/Members Only Area --log in/Update My Profile/Edit Profile

How can I stop the automatic billing?

If you prefer to discontinue your automatic billing and handle your renewals manually, simply look for the "Stop recurring payments" button which appears directly under the "Update credit card" link in the Membership Details area of your profile.  To see this go to  Membership/Members Only Area/Edit Profile

What if I have other questions?

If you have any questions about membership, please feel free to contact us.

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