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Adopted 9 September 2001 at the Society’s business meeting in Denver, Colorado.  The addition to Article VIII, paragraph 1, and the new paragraph for Article VIII were adopted at the Society’s Council meeting on 25 September 2002 in Guadalajara, Mexico.  The revision of Article VI (above) was adopted at the Society’s business meeting on 8 October 2005 in Newport News, Virginia.

Verified January 30, 2010
Katherine R. Goodwin
Executive Secretary


Founded in 1960, the society for the History of Discoveries has a rich and varied history of its own. Whether in a Lisbon bar over drinks or on a Lisbon bus (recollections differ), there is no doubt that Jack Parker, Thom Goldstein, and Steve Slessarev were the originators (instigators?!) of the Society.  Read the Member Reflections and you will get a sense of the spirit of the Society and the nature of the people who consider it one of their intellectual homes. Take a look at the past members of the Society's Council, its governing body, and you will get a sense of the wide-ranging interests and expertise of its members, as well. And take a look at the photos in our Photo Gallery,  and you will learn how much fun it all can be. We hope that this look at our History is both heart-warming and inspiring. 

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